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ZENIA – Linear optics for lighting with mid-power LEDs

LEDiL introduces ZENIA linear optics suited for any pitch layout in a row of mid-power LED’s.
This inconspicuously small and flat optic with its strictly defined tilted asymmetric light pattern is by design especially suited to backdrop illumination inside shelves and cabinets. It is also well suited for other applications like wall-washing and stair lighting where ZENIA’s light distribution creates a uniform and smooth illumination with low glare.
Due to the compact and well defined optical and physical design using ZENIA in a fixture is made very easy. ZENIA’s small size supports an almost invisible installation or mounting in an aluminium installation profile.


  • Linear optics that work with any distance between the mid-power LEDs
  • Completely smooth outer surface
  • Flat design (6mm) is easy to integrate for best usage of available space
  • Can be mounted on surface level, leaving no visibility of light source
  • Modular breakable design at 15 mm intervalls allows installation to any width
  • No physical tilt needed
  • Tilted narrow beam prevents unwanted light spill


  • Shelf lighting
  • Stair lighting applications
  • Wall-washing applications
  • Cove lighting


Retail lighting with ZENIA optics
Luminaires are installed in 12 cm intervals.
Output of a 1.2 m long track is 4160 lm
Typical average illuminance in linear assembly using LG 5630

  • Wall: 400 lux
  • Shelf: 3000 lux

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