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TATIANA – Lens module optimized for Russian roads

LEDiL - a global forerunner in the designing and manufacturing of secondary optics for LED lighting - introduces TATIANA family of optical modules designed to fulfil and exceed Russian street lighting standards.
With the introduction of TATIANA, LEDiL introduces a new adjustable modular platform into the market. TATIANA module consists of four lenses that simply can be snapped apart into single lenses. Lenses have LEDiL standard 25x25mm footprint compatible with existing SQ and 2X2 platforms.
This compatibility across the full range simplifies retrofitting into existing luminaires with LEDs.


  • Designed especially to meet Russian street lighting standards.
  • Optimized for Cree XM-L and 3535 sized high power LEDs.
  • New 1x4 module size is compatible with the SQ-family.
  • Module can be snapped into four single lenses which enable upgrading old lighting fixtures and gives more freedom when designing the fixture.
  • Designed for lighting fixtures with 15° mounting angle.
  • Suitable also for wire-mounted catenary luminaires.


  • Street lighting on Russian Class A and Class B road classes up to A4 class


Luminaire: C14128_TATIANA-1X4-B_(XM-L2) Eff.95.9%
Luminous flux (Luminaire): 9404 lm
Luminous flux (Lamps): 9800 lm
Luminaire Wattage: 90 W
Arrangement: Double row, opposing
Pole Distance: 40.000 m
Mounting Height: 12.000 m
Height: 12.000 m
Overhang: 0.853 m
Boom Angle: 15.0 °
Boom Length: 1.500 m

Maximum luminous intensities
at 70°: 447 cd/klm
at 80°: 36 cd/klm
at 90°: 11 cd/klm

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