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STELLA-HB-WWW – Cost optimized solution for high bay applications

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    » Cost optimized high bay solution from silicone
    » Approx. 90deg beam for very wide high bay lighting applications
    » Self-sealing silicone design for up to IP67 ingress protection against dirt, dust and moisture

    High bay lighting - if any - needs to be durable, luminous and very efficient. Being used on a daily basis, oftentimes even for 24 hours a day, sets the requirements for lighting very high. Generation of heat from the luminaire itself, ambient temperature at higher altitudes and constant amount of dust floating around. Yet able to deliver accurate levels of lighting that would keep the eyes sharp for the task. Now with the LEDiL’s low cost silicone optics of STELLA-HB-WWW this is easier than ever. Self-sealing optics design helps to keep dust and moisture away for up to IP67 rating, and the high thermal and UV resistance provides long-term functionality. Very wide light distribution from longer installation heights, low profile design and a large space reserved for connectors inside the optics at just the right price.


    • Low profile design
    • Very good thermal and UV resistance
    • Maximum connector size: diameter 52mm, height 6mm


    • High bay
    • Industrial
    • Warehouses


    • Compatible from 13mm to 32mm LES-size COBs
    • The best performance can be achieved with 18mm LES size (depending on the application/setup)


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