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STRADA-SQ-FS3 – For tunnels and sport fields

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    Meet the new member of STRADA-SQ-FS3 to accompany the broad family of STRADA-SQ lenses. Directing the beam extremely far forward with the peak being in 65° it is perfectly applicable for tunnel and sport field lighting. Being just a 25x25mm in size single optic supporting the latest 7070 size LED packages it has a very wide range of versatility and feasibility opportunities to offer. Requiring only a minimum of 5 mm space between lenses the customer can fully maximize their lamp lumens without having any noticeable shadings in the beam.


    • Throws light extremely far forward with the peak being in 65°
    • Standard SQ-series footprint and positioning pins. (Please note that beam direction differs 90 degrees from default SQ beam direction)
    • Designed especially for tunnel lighting
    • Easy installation with included adhesive tape


    • Up to 7070 size LED packages*

    * Go to for complete listing of all qualified LEDs. Please send qualification request on email in case you think we are missing a specific LED.


    • Tunnel lighting (counter beam)
    • Sport fields


    STRADA-SQ-FS3 is designed for counter beam tunnel lighting applications, especially for threshold and transition zones. Strong forward peak intensity at 60-65deg elevation gives higher cd/m² for less lumens, while strong cutoff keeps the veiling luminance low enough to meet tunnel lighting requirements. Beam width is designed to give high uniformity on the road on single row installation when the road width is up to 2x the height of the installation. Illuminance levels on the wall are around 50% of the illuminance levels on the road.


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