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SHELLY – Shelf lighting in the LEDiL way

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    In quality retail lighting the challenge is how to direct the customer focus correctly. To help you with this, LEDiL developed two versions of SHELLY optics for shelf lighting.
    SHELLY-T-6X1-N featuring asymmetric square light pattern is especially designed for overall illumination of goods on shelves and in display counters and in larger enviroments it can be used to illuminate ground areas. SHELLY-T-6X1-WAS with asymmetric oval light pattern is designed to light the back wall of the shelf.


    • Both verions feature modular six high power LED design
    • 1” LED pitch as in LEDiL’s STRADA-6X1 family
    • Smart breakable design, SHELLY can be broken into single lenses if needed
    • Tilted beam reduces glaring, wideness provides even and pleasant illumination


    • Retail lighting
    • Shelf lighting




    • 50x50 cm shelf space
    • 20 cm interval between lamps, each distanced 10 cm from the back wall
    • Each lamp is driven to 300 lm flux output
    • Eav=1374 lx, Emax=1764 lx


    • 50x50 cm shelf space
    • 40 cm interval between lamps, each indented 10 cm away from the front
    • Each lamp is driven to 500 lm flux output
    • Eav=1321 lx,
    • Emax=1565 lx, U0=0.676
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