LEDiL System Reflectors – Now with all the colors you need
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LEDiL's STELLA-G2-T3 and STELLA-G2-VSM optics
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LEDiL System Reflectors – Now with all the colors you need

LEDiL, the premier developer of innovative optical solutions, has added color mixing capability to its already versatile MIRELLA and ANGELA/ANGELINA family of system reflectors. 
This addition of LEDiL’s proprietary RZ-microstructured sublens provides good color mixing quality with efficiency to surpass existing solutions relying on a reflective mixing chamber. Based on LEDiL’s system thinking, these reflectors provide the most versatile lighting solution on the market today.
Interior and outdoor architectural lighting
Retail lighting 
Track lighting
Decorative lighting
High CRI applications
Adjustable CCT applications
MIRELLA Reflector system
MIRELLA’s design is based on the popular MR16 size. This makes it an excellent choice for track lighting and small downlights in retail premises and museums to mention just a few possible environments. 
With the additional RZ-mixing lens it’s easy to switch from conventional lighting into full color.
MIRELLA is available in three angles with a wide selection of options for installation. It can be fastened usinga  flange, or glued directly to the PCB and positioned with pins. MIRELLA-PF comes with a fastening ring or dedicated sockets for Bridgelux Vero-series and Cree’s CXA15 COBs.
In the future there will also be an option to use solderless connectors from IDEAL or TE.
Visit www.ledil.com/mirellafamily to explore all available products in this versatile family!
ANGELA / ANGELINA Reflector system

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