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RONDA – New spot and rectangular beams for indoor lighting

»    Versatile indoor lighting system with now eight different beams
»    Low profile design allows shallow depth installations
»    Wide customization and fastening possibilities

With three more beams added to the RONDA product family it now offers eight different beam solutions for indoor lighting. The spot version with an around 30-degree beam and two new special 60- and 90-degree rectangular beams are perfect additions to this versatile family. The RONDA-REC-60 and- 90 are excellent options for hospitality area lighting with square-shaped batwing type beams and are designed for different height installations. RONDA-S is an ideal choice for creating accent lighting or highlighting objects in both track lighting and downlighting installations. The RONDA product family supports a wide list of connectors, sockets and LEDs from different manufacturers, and the holder design allows for easy customization and shallow depth installations.


  • Patent pending multi refraction optical technology ensures excellent performance
  • RONDA-S: Spot version for accent lighting and object highlighting with 20-40° beam depending on the LED used
  • RONDA-REC-60/-90: Square-shaped batwing type beams for lighting indoor areas with exceptionally good uniformity. Typical installation height for RONDA-REC-60 is 5+ meters and for RONDA-REC-90 - 3.5 to 4 meters
  • Wide customization possibilities with two different low profile holders (one more to be added in early 2017)


  • Hospitality lighting
  • Public areas such as lobbies
  • Accent lighting
  • Museums and art piece lighting
  • Office lighting





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