RITA-WAS - Light Up Your Walls with Precise Light
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RITA-WAS - Light up your walls with precise light

Light up your walls with precise light

Another unique wall washing reflector from LEDiL - RITA-WAS is the sister of LEDiL’s famous RITA-A. Asymmetric beam is tilted to maximize light output in wall washing and architectural applications. RITA-WAS is made of Hyper Reflective white PC that gives a pleasant and soft light distribution with good efficiency.


  • Optimized Asymmetric Light Distribution designed especially for Wall-Washing & Architectural applications
  • Don’t waste those precious lumens! Get more light on the wall compared to traditional wall-washing solutions
  • Made of Hyper-Reflective material - RITA-WAS does not require metallization to achieve high light transmission efficiency
  • The adapter base contains integrally molded location pins to locate RITA-WAS precisely over the LED. Attachment is achieved through the use of an approved secondary adhesive, or optionally with installed mounting tape


  • Typical uses include architectural lighting, wall washing, outdoors facade accent lighting


  • Height: 17.3 mm
  • Dimensions: 31,9 x 28,4 mm
  • Material: Hyper Reflective white PC
  • Typical efficiency: 85%
  • Asymmetrically tilted beam, tilt angle 20˚
  • Mounts with adhesive tape
  • Currently qualified for Cree’s XM, XT and XP-series, Oslon Square EC, Luxeon M and Luxeon A lighting class LEDs
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