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LEDiL’s new OLIVIA – Explore new lighting possibilities in retail and museums

LEDiL launches a new unique 70 mm optic for mid-sized COBs. The new OLIVIA-S is a spot lens designed with typical FWHM of 15-20°, subject to the LES size. The OLIVIA family will be exbanded shortly with additional beam angles. The OLIVIA is optimized for decorative lighting for shops and museums.
The OLIVIA lens works with a range of COB’s with LES size up to 19 mm and the lens system is designed to work with Zhaga compliant solderless connectors from a range of manufacturers.
OLIVIA’s really flat (only 22,6 mm) optical design is achieved with unique folded TIR principle and it’s efficient dual-element design minimizes low point glare.


  • Works with a range of COB’s with LES size up to 19 mm
  • Typical FWHM with spot optics 15-20°, depending on the LES size
  • Really flat lens achieved with unique folded TIR design
  • Compatible with Zhaga book 3 compliant solderless connectors from a range of manufacturers
  • Efficient dual-element design with low point glare


  • Track lighting and downlights for shops and museums
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