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STRADA-2X2-FS3 - For tunnel and area lighting

STRADA-2X2 - Industrial standard modules with widest range of beams

STRADA-2X2 optics with a standardized 50 x 50 mm modular footprint are easily adaptable to different luminaire designs and applications. Being the original inventor of 2X2 modules LEDiL provides the widest range of different beams available – especially for street and high bay lighting. Modules are future proof, easy to install with one screw in the middle and are normally used with a protective cover in street lighting.



STRADA-2X2-FS3 - For tunnel and area lighting


  • Optimized for European tunnels with a counter-traffic installation
  • Throws light extremely far forward with the peak being in 60˚
  • Works well also in high mast area lighting on a very long pole distances or greater overlapping


  • Tunnel lighting
  • Area lighting


Application: Tunnel lighting
Optics: STRADA-2X2-FS3
Efficiency: 93 %
Luminous flux: 930 lm (luminaire)
Road width: 8 m
Number of lanes: 2
Spacing: 8 m
Mounting height: 5,4 m
Maintenance factor: 1,0

Results (luminance):
Average: 0,45 cd/m2
Min: 0,07 cd/m2
Max: 0,59 cd/m2

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