LEDiL's STELLA-G2-T3 and STELLA-G2-VSM optics
LEDiL xtm-adapter-50-a and compatible optics
ISO 9001 ISO 14001

STRADA-IP-2X6-T2-B-90 & T3-B-90 - IESNA Type II and III street light optics with 90° rotated beams

STRADA-IP-2X6 - Standardized 2X6 modules with integrated silicone gasket
STRADA-IP-2X6 are IP66 and IP67 tested lens modules with wide range of highly efficient street lighting beams. The integrated silicone gasket ensures ingress protection against water and dust allowing them to be used without protective covers. The lens modules are mounted with 8 screws and have enough reserved space to fit in needed luminaire components.


STRADA-IP-2X6-T2-B-90 and -T3-B-90 - IESNA Type II and III street light optics with 90° rotated beams


  • LEDiL standard 2X6 footprint with integrated silicone seal
  • Wide square-shaped beam pattern turned 90-degrees
  • Up to IP67 and designed to be used without protective glass
  • Fastening with 8 screws
  • Space reserved inside for PCB screws, connectors, wires and other components
  • Available in PMMA
  • Dimensions: 173 x71,4 mm



  • Street lighting
  • Wide outdoor areas



  • Up to 5050 size LED packages

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