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LEDiL xtm-adapter-50-a and compatible optics
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STRADA-2X2S-T3 - LEDiL standard 50x50 mm platform now in silicone for high temperature applications with universal IESNA Type III beam

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The STRADA-2X2S is made from silicone to withstand extremely high temperatures and applications requiring high lumen outputs. The standardized 50x50 mm modular footprint and one screw fastening provides the flexibility to use the same luminaire design with silicone lenses as well.



  • Standard 50x50 mm 2X2S platform
  • Manufactured from optical grade silicone
  • Black installation frame with one screw fastening
  • Suitable for LEDs with high Tj
  • Recommended to be used with a protective glass



  • Street lighting
  • Outdoor area lighting
  • Pavement lighting
  • Applications that require high lumen output or have high temperatures



  • Optimized for a range of 3535 high power and compatible up to 5050 LED packages
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