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LEDiL News - June 2016

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Dear Customer,

We welcome you warmly to visit us at the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition held in China Import and Export Fair Complex 9/6/2016–12/6/2016.
You will find us at the Hall 3.2 Booth A24

In case you won't be able to visit us at the Guangzhou fair, check our nearest future events at the end of the newsletter. Mark the dates on your calendar and come to see the latest innovations from LEDiL! If you want to arrange a meeting with us at the upcoming fairs, please feel free to contact us at

We have also renewed our monthly newsletter to include not only the latest product releases, but some other highlights from the company and our daily lives as well. This will include a wider range of news tackling the latest trends from the industry, and some sneak peeks behind the enthusiastic team spirit we have at LEDiL.
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Warm summer feelings from

LEDiL Marketing Team

Street lighting for high or
dense pole setups

Standardized 2X2MX module for Super high-power LEDs featuring a typical IESNA Type II Short light distribution is your choice for high or dense pole setups. Providing high quality lighting with an excellent cutoff, glare control and no backward spill light makes STRADA-2X2MX-T2-S ideal for main road, high mast and parking lot lighting.
Type II/III (Long) for very wide
pole to pole distances

LEDiL´s 2X6 optics are the modules behind the most efficient and long-lasting street lights. The STRADA-IP-2X6-SCL is targeted for the European S-class lighting with longitudinal beam falling between the IESNA classes Type II/III medium or long. With the special attention given to minimize light spilling to the house side and carefully
directed beam, it has an reach that allows pole distances to be up to ten times the mounting height.
STRADA-IP-2X6-T2-B and T3-B
Type II/III (Medium) street
lighting improved

New 2X6 module designed for the IESNA Type 2 and 3 street lighting. These new “-B” versions are revised from the well known -T2 and -T3 designs, maintaining close to identical beam performance and functionality, but with reduced house-side spill light. These “facelift” versions are especially recommended for new designs, but can be quickly adapted into earlier designs bringing the performance close to perfection.
Horticulture lighting with
LEDiL's VIRPI optics

LEDiL´s VIRPI optical arrays are perfectly balanced with precision and power for horticultural lighting.
The tight clustering between the lenses combined with a special optical design produces uniform and pleasant lighting even when used with a mixture of different LEDs. The collaboration with the top LED manufacturers allows optimization and lumen output to be fine-tuned to their maximum level, and letting you to have the best possible and efficient lighting you need.

Ben Swedberg Named President of new US-based LEDIL, Inc.

LEDiL Oy is pleased to announce the establishment of its US-based subsidiary, LEDiL, Inc. and the appointment of Ben Swedberg as its President.

Ben will provide the leadership needed to drive the business growth by building the team and infrastructure necessary to meet the needs of the local customers. He brings a unique mix of expertise in business management, OEM sales, lighting standards development, manufacturing, and product development from Ideal Industries, Inc. In his last assignment, Ben successfully led the largest business, the Electrical Connector group, to strong, profitable growth while developing and implementing the global strategy and propelling the company into newly created markets.

The new entity will better allow LEDiL to leverage its innovative product portfolio in the Americas and further extend its global leadership in LED secondary optics.


Team LEDiL running together

What could be a better way of showing how far you can reach with a team sharing a common goal, than a relay run where everyone’s effort is equally important?

A total of 15 LEDiL employees took part to a running event called “Runfest” held in Turku, Finland. And yes, of course our baton was made of working ZORYA optics.

And when multiplied by ten it changes into marathon in Stockholm. All thanks to the cheering audiences and great hosting for making it an event to remember.

LLFY Workshops

Come to see, hear and touch the latest from LEDiL.

Kitzbühel 8/6/2016
For more information, click here to visit organizer's website.

South Africa
Johannesburg 9/6/2016
Cape Town 14/6/2016
For more information, click here to visit organizer's website.

LED Expo 2016
KINTEX, Korea International Exhibition Center

Our location: E10-11

Please contact if you want to arrange meeting with us.
ExpoLux 2016
Expo Centre Norte, São Paulo

Our location: Booth E71

Please contact if you want to arrange meeting with us.
LEDiL Oy, Salorankatu 10, FI-24240 SALO, Finland


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2013 Christmas Contest

It's that time of Year again! Send us an image and short description of how You have used or abused our optics. Three best submissions will receive our very special exclusive X-mas surprise gift. Your idea needs to reach Santa by December 24th to be in! All participants will receive a seasonal limited edition LENA-X-Mas reflector.

Send your submission HERE!

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