LEDiLs Advanced Hyper-Reflective Materials
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LEDiL Announces Series of Efficient White Reflectors made of Hyper-Reflective Material

Whiter. Brighter. Wider.
Efficient White Reflectors made of Hyper-Reflective Material

We at LEDiL Oy are driven by innovation and the need to explore new areas and applications. Hyper-reflective materials we use in our products are just one example of this innovative spirit. Reflectors made of this pure white material give soft and even light for demanding lighting applications. With the wide beam distribution of these reflectors, there is no need for the diffusing sub-lens.

Hyper-reflective white versions are available in LISA2-R, LENINA, BRITNEY, BARBARA, BOOM, LAURA, RITA and LENA-WAS families of reflectors.


•    Soft and even light distribution
• Highly efficient design
•    Advanced hyper-reflective material
•    No need for the diffusing sub-lens
•    Stylish white reflector for architectural indoor lighting applications where design of the luminaire is important
•    Product line contains both symmetric reflectors for general lighting applications such as downlights and asymmetric reflectors for wall-washing applications
•    Wide opening angles suitable for low ceiling heights

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