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FLORENCE-O – Pleasing lighting to any indoor application

Tired of the flickering and power consuming fluorescent lights that take ages to turn on? LEDiL’s FLORENCE products are here to help you when making the change into all-satisfying and uniform LED lighting. Packed with 33 optics in a neat single array and compatibility with the commonly used 3X11 PCBs for mid-power LEDs gives you a well-established foundation to build on. The most recent addition to this lineup is FLORENCE-O with beautiful oval light distribution; optimized for non-glaring indoor light applications.


  • Addition to FLORENCE-3R family with an oval shape light distribution
  • Low glare and possibility to enhance with 3R glare shield
  • Good uniform light pattern
  • Designed to replace fluorecent lights


  • Range of 3x11 mid-power LED modules


  • Warehouse lighting
  • Retail lighting
  • Office lighting
  • Low bay
  • High bay


Luminaires are installed in the aisle centerline    
Fixture luminous flux: 3300 lm
Luminaire installation height: 8 m
Luminaire spacing: 8.3 m
Number of luminaires: 6 pcs
Shelf height: 7 m
Distance between shelves: 2 m
Eav: 43lx
Emin: 39lx
Emax: 46lx    
u0: 0.919   

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