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LEDiL’s new BLONDIE – Blade-type reflector with high efficiency

Blade type wall grazing luminaires have become relatively common in outdoor architectural lighting. These are good choices for emphasizing details and adding structure for the buildings. Traditional ways to create this type of beams with cylindrical lenses are very inefficient. Quite often these luminaires feature a halogen bulb using tens of watts of energy. To overcome this, LEDiL has created the BLONDIE reflector capable of producing the same type of lighting with a single LED source using only a few watts of energy.


The BLONDIE reflector produces a very narrow beam on the wall which can be shaped even narrower by designing shades to the luminaire. To shape the double-sided beam of BLONDIE further, it is delivered with three interchangeable inserts. With these additional reflector pieces, the backside light can easily be shaped into different angles.

The BLONDIE reflector is compatible with single and multi-crystal LEDs in sizes up to Cree MK-R.


  • Produces a very tight blade type wall washing beam
  • Backside light which easily shapes into different angles by exchanging inserts
  • Compatible with single and multi-crystal LEDs in sizes up to Cree MK-R




  • Architectural lighting


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