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LEDiL's STELLA-G2-T3 and STELLA-G2-VSM optics
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LEDiL’s ANGELETTE family – Highly pleasing and uniform indoor achitectural lighting

Product Examples

LEDiL introduces six new ANGELETTE  family members with the following symmetrical light distributions: narrow spot, medium flood and wide flood. All the ANGELETTE’s share a smooth, glare-free and uniform light pattern, and are optimized for high quality office spaces, hospitality and museum lighting purposes. ANGELETTE reflectors have standard 110 mm diameter and are based on LEDiL’s existing Angela-interface offering unsurpassed compatibility and ease of installation with a range of third party connectors.
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  • Part of LEDiL’s System Reflector philosophy; future-proof and versatile solution sharing the same interface with LEDiL’s
    ANGELA and ANGELINA reflector families
  • Works with TE, Molex an Ideal solderless 50 mm Zhaga book 3 compliant connectors
  • Industry standard 110 mm diameter
  • Angelette-Plain versions come without additional optical attachment interface for cleaner appearance


  • Office lighting
  • Hospitality lighting
  • Museum lighting

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2013 Christmas Contest

It's that time of Year again! Send us an image and short description of how You have used or abused our optics. Three best submissions will receive our very special exclusive X-mas surprise gift. Your idea needs to reach Santa by December 24th to be in! All participants will receive a seasonal limited edition LENA-X-Mas reflector.

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XMAS 2013
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