LEDiL new addition to existing STRADA-SQ street light series.
ISO 9001 ISO 14001

Press Release - STRADA-SQ-T-DWC for StreetLighting

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    Asymmetric broad rectangular street light pattern

    LEDiL Oy, a global leader in the development of secondary LED optics, introduces
    its newest STRADA family member, the STRADA-SQ-T-DWC lens. This lens is
    designedto create a broad, rectangularlight pattern with an asymmetric (tilted)
    beam that maximizes usable light in the target area and minimizes stray light.
    STRADA-SQ-T-DWC allows roadway lighting designers to rapidly develop
    luminaires for IESNA Type III Medium distribution or European ME road use. 
    Optimized for usewith Philips Lumileds LUXEON® M LED, consult ledil.com
    for other qualified LEDs.


    • For use in street lighting arrangements requiring pole height/distance ratio (ME4A width 1:4.5)
    • Wide beam with candela peak at 70° with outstanding cut-off to minimize glare
    • Excellent luminance and illuminance performance and uniformity over the covered area
    • Designed for IESNA RP-8-00 and CIE 140/EN 13201 street light requirements, suitable for other
      common arrangements
    • IESNA: Type III medium, BUG rating; B2-UX-G2


    • Roadway lighting
    • Residential street lighting
    • Wide-area illumination, i.e. parking lots and recreational facilities

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