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LEDiL Newsletter - End of June 2015

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LEDiL wishes thank to all Guangzhou International Lighting fair visitors!

A big thank to all of you who visited us at the Guangzhou International Lighting fair. We were also delighted for receiving Alighting's Award in technology category of our work with RZ-technology. You can read more about the award below.

For those of you who missed us at the Guangzhou there's an opportunity to come and see our latest optics developments at the LED Expo 2015 held in Korea International Exhibition Center 23/6-26/6/2015. You will find us at the booth E07&08.

We have also a few new products to introduce you. Our WINNIE and STRADA-SQ families are growing with the new family members. WINNIE-O is the latest addition to the WINNIE family and STRADA-SQ family is getting two new beam distributions designed especially for Australian and New Zealand's roads. The latest addition to the LEDiL's vast product range is the new FLORENTINA-2X2 holder solution for our well-established ROSE and LAURA lens families. Scroll down and visit our website to learn more.

And don't forget to download our new Installation guide, giving you comprehensive information about LEDiL optics in compact package.

LEDiL awarded with the technology award at the 20th anniversary celebration in the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair 2015

The Guangzhou International Lighting Fair 2015 – one of the world’s largest lighting exhibitions visited from across the world – celebrated its 20th anniversary in Xinghai Concert Hall in Guangzhou on June 9th 2015. LEDiL was awarded in Alighting’s Award ceremony in technology category of its developments in RZ-technology.

Versatile and cost-efficient color mixing with
LEDiL RZ-technology

In LEDiL’s patented RZ-mixing technology color mixing is done by altering individual rays on the surface of special sublens. This means that a mixing chamber based design having a luminaire flux of 1000 lm can achieve over 1150 lm output if converted into LEDiL’s RZ technology. This performance increase can be achieved without increasing LED flux or driving LEDs harder. RZ-surfaces also smoothen out the light, providing a smooth and visually pleasant beam appearance. Color mixing reflector based mixing optics are less expensive than comparable TIR-lenses and perform well when used on arrays constructed of multiple LEDs.

WINNIE-O – Compact and comfortable
WINNIE-family expands with the WINNIE-O having oval shaped light distribution. WINNIE-O’s unique folded TIR design has substantially reduced lens height compared to traditional collimating optical designs. Hyper-reflective white PC holders and optical grade PMMA gives exceptional optical efficiency common to all LEDiL’s products.
FLORENTINA-2X2 – Versatile module solution for comfortable lighting
The FLORENTINA-2X2 is a completely new holder solution built around LEDiL’s proven ROSE- and LAURA-lens families. Similarly to other Dark Light products, it reduces the unwanted glare very efficiently, while maintaining the optical performance required by the application. Features stylish and compact outlook combined with an ample lumen output range.
This is, what future of lighting should be.
STRADA-SQ-ANZ – Designed to meet Australian and New Zealand street lighting requirements
With two separate light distributions – one optimized for pedestrian (STRADA-SQ-ANZ-P) and another for vehicular road lighting classes (STRADA-SQ-ANZ-V), they offer an unbeatable complementary solution.
LEDiL's Installation guide –
Everything you have ever wanted to know about LEDiL optics

We have released a comprehensive guide about assembling LEDiL products. Download the guide from the link below.

LED Expo 2015
KINTEX, Korea International Exhibition Center

Our location: E07 & 08

If you want to arrange meeting with us, please contact Kindly indicate your topic of interest to give us basis for prearragements.
LEDiL Oy, Salorankatu 10, FI-24240 SALO, Finland


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