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LEDiL Newsletter - October 2014

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LEDiL News – October

Autumn is here and so is a bunch of bright new lighting solutions presented here to you. This month we are introducing you ZENIA linear optics suited for mind-power LEDs, new STRADA-2X2 street lighting optics as well as additional beam version to our FLORENCE family - FLORENCE-Z30. We are also releasing new versions of FLORENCE-1R optics. Read further to find out more.

If you are interested at meeting LEDiL there's plenty of opportunities coming. We have listed some of the upcoming fairs here to help your planning. So mark the dates on your calendar and come and see the latest LEDiL optics developments. If you desire a meeting with LEDiL at any of the upcoming fairs please contact us at Kindly indicate your topic of interest and which fair you will be attending to give us basis for prearrangements.

– For wider roads and higher poles

LEDiL introduces two new STRADA-2X2 street lighting optics -ME-WIDE1 and -ME-WIDE2 designed for European and Asian roads requiring good luminance performance. ME-WIDE optics are especially designed for wider roads and taller poles than regular ME optics. STRADA-2X2-ME-WIDE1 version is for one sided roads whereas -WIDE2 is for two sided roads, either by opposing each other or for staggered pole setups.

ZENIA – Linear optics for lighting with mid-power LEDs

LEDiL introduces ZENIA linear optics suited for any pitch layout in a row of mid-power LED’s.
This inconspicuously small and flat optic with its strictly defined tilted asymmetric light pattern is by design especially suited to backdrop illumination inside shelves and cabinets. It is also well suited for other applications like wall-washing and stair lighting where ZENIA’s light distribution creates a uniform and smooth illumination with low glare. Due to the compact and well defined optical and physical design using ZENIA in a fixture is made very easy. ZENIA’s small size supports an almost invisible installation or mounting in an aluminium installation profile.

FLORENCE-1R family expands

FLORENCE-1R is LEDiL’s family of linear optics designed to be compatible with 1 ft single row midpower LED modules from a range of suppliers. FLORENCE-1R linear design scales easily into different configurations and LED pitches.
The latest additions to the FLORENCE-1R family are FLORENCE-1R-Z60 featuring medium symmetrical beam, double assymmetric beam FLORENCE-1R-Z2T25 and oval light distribution FLORENCE-1R-O optimized for corridor lighting in industrial and warehouse applications. These optics can also be used with high power LED variants, for example Philips Lumileds Luxeon Z / Z ES and Cree’s XQ-E to achieve better color unifomity.

– Reaching into new heights

FLORENCE-Z30 is new addition to LEDiL’s FLORENCE family of optic modules. FLORENCE-Z30 features 30° beam with good uniform light pattern and is designed to mid-bay lighting applications.
FLORENCE-Z30 is designed to replace fluorecent lights and it’s great choice for office lights especially in higher installations with the optional FLORENCE-shade.

Manage your lighting and simplify your assembly with LEDiL’s new FLORENCE-3R accessories.

LEDiL introduces additional fastening option for FLORENCE-3R series FLORENCE-PF-3R and two FLORENCE-shades to obtain lower UGR.
Optional FLORENCE-shades are available in two colors, black and grey and they snap easily into place. The Unified Glare Rating below 19 is achievable with the additional shades.
FLORENCE-PF-3R is designed for electrical appliances where accessing and opening of the product needs to be restricted. FLORENCE-PF-3R features tamper proof luminaire assembly and
class 1 light fitting.

Color quality of LED light

We have published application note about color quality issues, what causes them and how to solve the problems Download application note here.

Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2014 (autumn Ed.)
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC)

Our location: M2-A26

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Light Middle East, Dubai
Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC)

Our location: LT905, Hall 8

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Interlight Moscow 2014
Expocentre Fairgrounds

Our location: F.F91

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LuxLive 2014, London

Our location: J20

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