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LEDiL Newsletter - January 2014

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Happy New Year 2014 from LEDiL!
The year 2014 has started swiftly in LEDiL. We have a bunch of new product releases - the revolutionary BLONDIE reflector for architectural lighting and highly expected TATIANA street lighting lens for Russian street lighting standards to name a few.
We also had Christmas calendar competition during the December and the results have been fantastic. We are in awe of the ingenious ways you have been using and misusing our products. In this Impress us with your light feature we are showing you the best submission we have received. All the featured submissions will be rewarded and for the four specially mentioned we have reserved something special.
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TATIANA – Lens module optimized for Russian roads
LEDiL introduces TATIANA family of optical modules designed to fulfil and exceed Russian street lighting standards.
With the introduction of TATIANA, LEDiL introduces a new adjustable modular platform into the market. TATIANA module consists of four lenses that simply can be snapped apart into single lenses. Lenses have LEDiL standard 25x25mm footprint compatible with existing SQ and 2X2 platforms.
This compatibility across the full range simplifies retrofitting into existing luminaires with LEDs.
VANESSA – Power of simplicity
LEDiL’s new VANESSA is a versatile and cost efficient linear module aimed at a range of applications in interior lighting. It has twelve efficient lenses in a row and is designed for high power leds from Cree, Philips Lumileds, Osram and LG.
VANESSA enables easy design of very compact luminaires capable of output exceeding 1000 lumens.
The module has excellent efficiency of over 90%. Use of the modules also simplifies luminaire design reducing manufacturing costs.
BLONDIE – Blade-type reflector with high efficiency
Blade type wall grazing luminaires have become relatively common in outdoor architectural lighting.
These are good choices for emphasizing details and adding structure for the buildings. Traditional ways to create this type of beams with cylindrical lenses are very inefficient. Quite often these luminaires feature a halogen bulb using tens of watts of energy. To overcome this, LEDiL has created the BLONDIE reflector capable of producing the same type of lighting with a single LED source using only a few watts of energy.
The BLONDIE reflector produces a very narrow beam on the wall which can be shaped even narrower by designing shades to the luminaire. To shape the double-sided beam of BLONDIE further, it is delivered with three interchangeable inserts. With these additional reflector pieces, the backside light can easily be shaped into different angles.
The BLONDIE reflector is compatible with single and multi-crystal LEDs in sizes up to Cree MK-R.
GenII optics –
Same performance at better price

LEDiL is proud to release the next generation of its highest selling classic ROSE, LAURA and LEILA families.
Our engineers have made considerable efforts to cut the costs while keeping up the globally well-known LEDiL signature performance standards. With the optimized design of the new parts we can offer the new GenII versions of these optics at a substantially lower price.
New GenII optics are backwards compatible with previous generations of families and offer the same beam specifications and exceptional quality of light at the lowered price.
To start saving money on optics, check availability of GenII families on our website at or contact your local LEDiL representative.
Christmas competition winners


Front headlight of electric bicycle from Faraday Bicycles
San Francisco based Faraday Bicycles™ presents a new innovative Front headlight for their lovely flagship electric bicycle featuring LEDiL’s EVA-S optic (C12041_EVA-S).
“We love your light, it's a beautiful addition to our bike!”
Thank You, Faraday Bikers, we love you too and your ride is awesome.
Sarajevo church by Bosnian EART
One can only silently admire this wonderful installation in a Sarajevo church by Bosnian EART d.o.o. The luminaires, featuring LEDiL's BARBARA reflectors with a Bridgelux LED array display an elegant yet simplistic pendant design, illuminating the altar area with a nice warm and mellow light at a mere 26 watts each.
Thanks to Tomislav Vikaukal for submission.

LIOS LED A7 stage light
From sunny Italy LIOS shows us a new state of the art LED A7 stage light for applications where a lot of light is in demand. Introducing LEDiL’s new ANGELINA reflectors combined with a VERO18 this luminaire outputs ample amount of lumens from a stylistic machined casing. Thanks to LEDiL's interchangeable reflector system the luminaire can easily be configured for different beam types
Thank You, LIOS, for being one of the first to adopt our new interchangeable ANGELINA reflector family.
Special recognition: School Christmas Window lighting
Pupils of the Austrian Gmünd Elementary school where tasked with a special educational project where they produced a power saving Christmas lighting for their schools' windows. For the project they used LEDiL's EMILY-O lenses.
"With less than 100 watts for the whole facade we are able to produce a nice atmosphere in the evening". Impressive work by these promising lighting designers. Many Thanks for your submission.

Thank you for all the participants about your contribution!

Progettazione Ottica Roncati
Tepcomp Oy
Advanced Optronic Devices (CHINA) Co.
Debbas France
Pasi Vallevuori
Corporación Gráfica, S.A.
Brian Baleno
Phillip Jacobs
EART Lights
hatec Lichttechnik GmbH
Hagro-Agri B.V.
LED-SOLAR, s.r.o.
Heinrich-Beck-Institut GmbH
Bajaj Electricals Ltd


Guide to LEDiL's lens modules
We have released a new comprehensive guide covering all LEDiL's 2X2 and 2X6 modules and their usage. Download guide here.
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