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LISA2-R - 9.9mm diameter reflector optimized for a wide range of lighting class LEDs.

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LEDiL announces the release of the new C12469_LISA2-R-PIN reflector, measuring just 9.9mm diameter and 6.5mm tall. This tiny reflector differs from other reflectors presently available by providing an even, homogeneous and aesthetically pleasing beam with a diffuse cut-off. The new LISA2-R supports a wide variety of single-die LEDs offered by the leading LED vendors, including Cree, Philips Lumileds, Osram, Nichia, Seoul and Sharp. LISA2-R produces a beam angle of 78⁰ to 86⁰ FWHM (depending on LED used) without the shadow and hot spots created by LEDs used without secondary optics. Almost 90% light intensity is available at 66⁰ full beam width. The small size permits dense population of LEDs for maximum light output in a space-constrained area.

The nearly square-wave beam angle produced by LISA2-R is ideal for general lighting of smaller spaces with minimum glare or hot-spots, or for casting a gentle-glow of energy efficient LED light in small display cabinets or for interior mood or effect lighting. The small size and inherent cool-to-the-touch benefit of LED technology facilitates the design of low-profile fixtures used in residential under-cabinet applications, in cove lighting, or to light storage compartments in emergency vehicles.

The impact-resistant polycarbonate used to manufacture the reflector is of a special, highly-reflective grade that does not require metallization to achieve peak performance of up to 92% efficiency.  The housing contains integrally molded location pins for precise location over the LED and the location pins can also be fastened to the PCB with an approved secondary adhesive. The material is RoHS compliant, rated for use up to 115⁰ C and meets UL 94 V-2 flammability rating.

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