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LEDiL Newsletter - December 2015

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Happy Holidays!

The year 2015 is nearing its end but we still have a few new optics solutions we want to share with you before the holiday season. For high quality indoor lighting we present to you the new members of the ANGELETTE family. ANGELETTE's smooth, glare-free and uniform light pattern makes it ideal for demanding office, hospitality and museum lighting applications. What comes to illuminating large outdoor areas and wide streets the perfect choice is STRADA-2X2-T4-B with a wide square-shaped beam and great uniformity. And for high power UV-LEDs with dome we have released new full family of G2-ROSE-UV optics. Read further to learn more.

Team LEDiL wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year 2016!

LEDiL HQ office times during the Christmas holidays

LEDiL headquarters will be closed on Christmas, 24th-25th December 2015 and New Year's Day 1st January 2016 and Epiphany Day 6th January 2016.

On 21.12.2015-8.1.2016 there will be no evening shift.

Highly pleasing and uniform
indoor achitectural lighting

LEDiL introduces six new ANGELETTE family members with the following symmetrical light distributions: narrow spot, medium flood and wide flood. All the ANGELETTE’s share a smooth, glare-free and uniform light pattern, and are optimized for high quality office spaces, hospitality and museum lighting purposes. ANGELETTE reflectors have standard 110 mm diameter and are based on LEDiL’s existing Angela-interface offering unsurpassed compatibility and ease of installation with a range of third party connectors.
STRADA-2X2-T4-B – Wide, bright and leaving shadows behind
STRADA-T4-B is the latest addition to LEDiL´s growing street light optics. Providing a wide square-shaped beam pattern it is an ideal solution for large outdoor area and wide road illumination with great uniformity. Special care has been given to minimize light spilling to the house side without the need for additional light obstructing elements in the luminaire. With 50 x 50 mm module based footprint STRADA-T4-B allows easy integration and future-proof solution to all STRADA-2X2 compatible luminaires.
Highly durable and versatile

LEDiL’s new G2-ROSE-UV optics form a full family of lenses designed for domed high power UV-LEDs. These silicone molded lenses are the most advanced lighting products on the market. Optical grade silicone material has a very good UV-transmission and can withstand longer exposure of UV radiation. Typical applications of lenses range from UV curing applications to NDT, forensics and counterfeit detection.
Visit our YouTube channel for assembly instructions, application examples and useful information about LEDiL optics.
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