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LEDiL Newsletter - August 2015

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LEDiL News - August 2015

Although we have been enjoying our summer holidays, our engineers have also been busy designing a number of new bright lighting solutions. In this month's newsletter we introduce a couple of these new products to you. LUCIA is a completely new 4-up module and latest addition to the LEDiL's range of very narrow spot optics and STRADA-2X2MX-VSM is the latest addition to our 2X2MX family of standard optic modules. We are also releasing STRADA-2X2-PXL, the left side traffic version of our recently released STRADA-2X2-PX and STRADA-SQ-T3B -special no-house-side-light version of our SQ-T3 optic. Scroll down and read further to learn more.

We have also listed below the upcoming fairs and events we'll be attending. If you desire a meeting with LEDiL at the upcoming fairs please contact us at and kindly indicate your topic of interest and which fair you will be attending to give us basis for prearrangements.

LUCIA – Precision packed power
LUCIA is LEDiL’s latest addition to the range of very narrow spot optics. LUCIA is a large 4-up module with high quality Real Spot type TIR optics that can be used in many different professional lighting applications. First in the series to be released is LUCIA-S, providing a very narrow light beam with good cut-off. Specially tilteded TIR design in a single array helps to achieve astonishing light control, and LEDiL’s patented RZ-surface makes sure the color-over-angle performance and beam uniformity are optimized.
More power with less costs

STRADA-2X2-MX-VSM is the latest addition to LEDiL’s 2X2MX family released earlier this year. Standardized module based footprint allows easy fitting, future-proof luminaire construction and mixing with other modules inside the same product family. Symmetrical and wide square-shaped beam makes it ideal choice for lighting wide outdoor areas such as parking lots and streets. STRADA-2X2MX-VSM is designed for multi-crystal super high power LEDs, packing enough power to achieve feasible low pole area light with just a single module
Safety in visibility

STRADA-2X2-PXL is left side traffic version of recently introduced STRADA-2X2-PX lens module. STRADA-2X2-PXL is designed for pedestrian crossing illumination in countries with left side traffic. Special attention has been given into designing an optic that gives even illumination over the crossing area while avoiding excessive glare to road. STRADA-2X2-PXL lens module is designed to provide also adequate illumination and contrast on a vertical plane, making it easier for drivers to notice crossing pedestrian over a longer distance.
For road lighting situations not requiring light on the house side

STRADA-SQ-T3B is a special version of LEDiL’s SQ-T3 optic designed to block the backwards directed light. This house-side light is sometimes causing unwanted illumination and glare, especially in confined road areas found in city centers.
LEDiL’s STRADA-SQ-T3B has IESNA Type III Medium beam pattern suitable for most of the road classes required in residential areas and city centers. Based on LEDiL’s SQ single lens platform, this optic is compatible with most of the super high power multi-crystal LEDs up to 7070 packages.
Workshop Sweden 2015
Hotel Scandic Opalen, Gothenburg

Come to see and hear the LEDiL's latest optics developments at Osram workshop
on Tuesday, 1st September 2015.

LED professional Symposium + Expo
Festspielhaus Bregenz

Our location: MSC Booth / A5

If you want to arrange meeting with us, please contact and we arrange everything in advance.
Light Middle East 2015

Our location: H1-A11

If you want to arrange meeting with us, please contact and we arrange everything in advance.
Lumen Illuminotronica
Padova, Italy

If you want to arrange meeting with us, please contact and we arrange everything in advance.
Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2015 (autum Ed.)
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC)

Our location: Booth 1B-E40

If you want to arrange meeting with us, please contact and we arrange everything in advance.
LEDiL Oy, Salorankatu 10, FI-24240 SALO, Finland


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