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STRADA-IP-2X6-SCL – Type II/III (Long) for very wide pole to pole distances

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    LEDiL´s 2X6 optics are the modules behind the most efficient and long-lasting street lights. The STRADA-IP-2X6-SCL is targeted for the European S-class lighting with longitudinal beam falling between the IESNA classes Type II/III medium or long. With the special attention given to minimize light spilling to the house side and carefully directed beam, it has an reach that allows pole distances to be up to ten times the mounting height. STRADA-IP-2X6-SCL is IP67 protected with an integrated silicone gasket and optimized for the latest range of 5050 size LED packages.


    » Asymmetrical beam for very long pole to pole distances
    » Minimized light spilling to the house side
    » Designed for European S-class (IESNA Type II/III medium or long) and roads with low speed mixed traffic



    • Optimized for pole to pole distance to be up to ten times the mounting height
    • Integrated silicone gasket for IP67 rated luminaires
    • Well established 2X6 module based structure


    • Residential roads
    • Pedestrian/bike paths
    • General road lighting
    • Outdoor lighting


    • Up to 5050 size LED packages




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