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2x2 Lens Arrays - The answer for roadway and high-bay applications.

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    LEDiL extends its versatile STRADA series of lenses to include lens arrays designed for Cree’s XLamp® XM-L and XP-G LEDs. Internal qualification tests continue to characterize the products for use with other high-power, single-emitter LEDs. Three arrays provide asymmetrical lighting patterns consistent with IESNA Type II through Type IV roadway lighting patterns, while two arrays meet high bay and commercial lighting needs.

    The street lighting modules, designated as order codes C12360_STRADA-2X2-DNW (IESNA Type IV), C12362_STRADA-2X2-DWC (Type III) and C12419_Strada-2x2-AT (Type II), are 4-position (2x2) arrays on 25.4mm (1”) centers and 50mm square. The arrays contain a center mounting hole for screw fastening and, when stacked end-to-end or side-to-side, four additional mounting screws can be used to firmly secure the lenses in place.

    The high bay modules contain optical elements arrayed on 25.4mm (1”) centers and each array shares the same optical elements. C12361_STRADA-2X2-HB is 4-position module (2x2) that is 50mm square, while C12345_HB-5X1 is a linear lens array (1x5) 25mm wide by 123mm in length. C12361 is targeted for high bay lighting and overhead commercial illumination, while C12345 targets aisle and linear path lighting in warehouses and in production facilities. As with the street lighting modules, fastening is achieved through the use of screws, adhesives, or both.

    Molded from optical grade PMMA acrylic to offer outstanding UV resistance, the arrays offer outstanding beam control and greater than 90% light transmission efficiency. Integral mounting pins ensure proper positioning of each lens facet over the LED. The modules are easily and quickly fastened with screws or with approved adhesives, or with both.

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